Norton Antivirus Plus Review: Smashing Viruses in 2020

Norton antivirus is one of the famous antivirus companies due to its strong protection against malware.Norton Antivirus has been existing since long back ago in 1991. I like mostly basic critical features which provide us protection against various attacks and customer relationship of Norton.

Norton antivirus has so much good features that make users to buy it for use. Best thing about norton is that whether you chooses some simple package or an advanced one, Norton Lifelock make sure it includes all most all necessary features. We personally like an user friendly dashboard of norton antivirus which makes use of it very easy for anybody.

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Advantages of Norton Antivirus

  1. Ultra-Fast system scanning

Generally we had seen that antivirus take lot of time to scan complete system against malware or suspicious files or possible threats. whereas as i told with user friendly norton dashboard make it very shorter time to scan entire system using cloud based protection of Norton Lifelock.

  1. Strong Malware/theft protection

When it comes to antivirus first thought come into our mind is protection against malware and malicious link. In this field Norton wins against all other antivirus software with their cloud based real-time security against all malware and potential threats, spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans etc. Norton also have features which provide protection against malware emails and facebook hackers.

  1. Ease of use

Norton Antivirus’s user interface is very user-friendly: the software developers care most about UI’s accessibility for best user experience and continuously upgrade it to make more easier to use. .

Norton Antivirus

  1. Poor choice of packages

A little choice may become a hard to select any one. Nonetheless, when it comes to the more profitable antivirus plan, it makes sense. In the case of Norton’s plans, the choice seems to be not that big. The provider’s subscription options are radical, while there is an option to get better coverage at a high cost, or something basic at low cost.

Our Verdict

Norton’s antivirus is a solid full-proof Antivirus software and offers plenty of best security tools against malware/phishing protection. Perhaps, few of us will find that  some extra features are lacking or the packages are not that much diverse. However, in general, Norton Antivirus software is a worthy product to try out.

You can sign up for Norton Antivirus Plus here and get additional discount.

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