5 easy steps to become a SeekaHost Affiliate Marketer and earn online

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Are you thinking of become an affiliate?

It’s a fantastic way to earn online even on the side without a degree being required.

The online marketplace is predicted to grow exponentially in the future. This means it will offer a great variety of financial and business opportunities that you should begin to explore sooner rather than later as it will become increasingly competitive.

There are already a huge number of affiliate schemes out there such as with Clickfunnels or Amazon and if you do some research, you’ll find examples of how people like bloggers and influencers utilise them.

But even if you’re not an online celebrity yet, there’s an affiliate scheme that can work for everybody. Just look at the SeekaHost affiliate program: if you’re amongst the first 1000 sign-ups you will receive an impressive 40% in commissions! Most affiliate programs offer 20% so this is a double whammy!


How do I get started you wonder?

This is the beauty of the internet: all you need is your smartphone or computer, honestly!

Ok, are you on it? Then:

  1. Go to https://www.seekahost.co.uk/affiliates.php.
  2. Register as an affiliate using the registration online form and follow the steps.
  3. Wait for your affiliate link to be generated and your account to be set up (you’ll receive a confirmation email).
  4. Now use your affiliate link to spread the word about SeekaHost: on your social media platforms, via your emails, via instant messengers, using your own blogs etc. However, you decide to invite people to get their web hosting from SeekaHost is down to you.
  5. The more communication channels you utilize, the better your return!

What do I get you ask?

This is the amazing deal SeekaHost offer right now: a whopping 40% commission on all your sales and you’re even given a £39 fund immediately. But hurry, this only applies to the first 1000 sign-ups!

So, when you sell a medium personal hosting package for £39, you’ll receive £15.60 per sale. If you sell the medium business hosting package at a price of £139, oh yes, you’ll get £55.60 per new client!

Obviously, the higher the sale, the higher the return. Say you manage to sell 10 personal hosting packages a month, you’d have an extra £156 in your pocket just by pressing some buttons online.

If you’re in it to win it then you can of course turn into a SeekaHost sales machine and earn £1100 per month selling 20 business hosting packages!

Not bad for a little side income.

You’re now probably wondering how you can make those sales, especially if you’re new to the affiliates game.

Luckily, there are always seasonal events like the new year, so why not sell web hosting as a wonderful present for a loved one or offer special deals? Ask Fernando about a voucher to use as a little something to give as a unique offer! Wrap it up nicely with a lovely e-card sent via email with a personal message. Or create special offer video messages with your affiliate link to post on your social media.

Be creative, test your audience and sales strategy and soon you’ll be a SeekaHost Affiliate Master!